Welcome to CateFarm – the Dual Rewards CateCoin and CatPay Farming Token!


Meet CateFarm
CateFarm earns you dual rewards in Catecoin and Catpay

CateCoin finally has its very own farming token!

Simply hold CateFarm in your wallet and passively accumulate high yield rewards paid in CateCoin and CatPay!

  • CateCoin: The undisputed king of cat-themed meme tokens
  • CatPay: CateCoin’s decentralised payment token
  • CateFarm: passively earn BOTH CateCoin and CatPay 
Catecoin - The #1 cat-themed meme coin


  • #1 cat-themed meme coin, competitor to Dogecoin with relatively low market cap
  • 170k+ holders and growing
  • Not yet listed on Binance or Coinbase
  • CateArmy – extremely loyal and dedicated community 
  • Rise of Cats P2E game with cat NFTs
  • 2% reflections for holding, 15% APY for staking
  • Meme dApp with earning potential for meme creators
  • CatPad IDO platform
Catpay - The Rise of Cats reward token


  • Low market cap gem
  • 6k+ holders and growing
  • Rewards token for Rise of Cats game. All CatPay spent in-game gets burned.
  • Soon to be integrated into a growing number of dApps that will use Catpay as reward
  • Staking to come in the future
  • Proposed burn – 50% of supply
  • Supported by CateCoin community
CateFarm - The Dual Rewards Catecoin & Catpay Farming Token


  • Passively earn high yield rewards of CateCoin and CatPay by holding CateFarm
  • Low market cap gem
  • Founded by team of OG top tier devoted CateCoin holders (CateArmy)
  • Some CateFarm team members are members of TAParmy
  • High volume of purchase orders benefits CateCoin and CatPay charts and attracts attention to both tokens 
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • NFT marketplace with reward boosters (coming)

Dual Rewards

Automatically generated rewards will be regularly airdropped into your wallet simply by holding CateFarm. Be sure to add the contract addresses for both CateCoin and CatPay. Then sit back, relax, and watch your bags grow! 

Benefits to Catecoin and Catpay

The Catecoin and Catpay charts will be positively influenced by all the Catecoin and Catpay purchase orders, which will occur whether CateFarm is bought or sold. Passively earn dual rewards paid out in Catecoin and Catpay, while also increasing the value of those tokens through CateFarm transactions. It’s a win-win situation! Additionally, Catecoin and Catpay will enjoy increased exposure through the publicity of having its own dedicated farming token.


Manual burns will coincide with special announcements and events. This will lower the supply of tokens and increase the value of your position.


Supercharge your earning power with CateFarm rewards based NFTs, which will be available on our marketplace. Show off your collections to your friends in CateWorld!

Token Allocation

Our Tokenomics

Buy/Sell Tax: 13 %

  • CateCoin Rewards4 %
  • CatPay Rewards4 %
  • Liqudity3 %
  • Marketing / Development1 %
  • Team1 %


  • Total Supply1,000,000,000 CATEFARM
  • Private Sale50,000,000 CATEFARM
  • Presale200,000,000 CATEFARM
  • Liquidity350,000,000 CATEFARM
  • CEX Listings50,000,000 CATEFARM
  • Team50,000,000 CATEFARM
  • Marketing / Development70,000,000 CATEFARM
  • Giveaways30,000,000 CATEFARM
  • BURN200,000,000 CATEFARM


our progress and our plans

Phase 1

Q2 2022

Phase 2

Q3/Q4 2022

Phase 3


Phase 1 Roadmap

  • Token creation
  • Build social media presence
  • Litepaper 
  • Audit
  • Website
  • Marketing campaign
  • Presale / IDO
  • Launch on Pancakeswap

Phase 2 Roadmap

  • Nomics listing
  • Rewards Dashboard
  • Watcher guru, coinsniper listings
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Whitepaper

Phase 3 Roadmap

  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Coingecko listing

More TBA

Executive team

The CateFarm Dual Rewards Farming Token Team - FarmerCat

Farmer Cat


The CateFarm Dual Rewards Farming Token Team - Catboi



The CateFarm Dual Rewards Farming Token Team - Kingcat


Social Media Director

The CateFarm Dual Rewards Farming Token Team - Cate Man Do


Communications Director

The CateFarm Dual Rewards Farming Token Team - Mato


Relationships Manager

The CateFarm Dual Rewards Farming Token Team - Claire Sutare

Claire Sutare

Social Media Manager

The CateFarm Dual Rewards Farming Token Team - Adriaan


FUD Destroyer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy CateFarm?

CateFarm is available to purchase on PancakeSwap.

To do this:

  1. Purchase BNB on a centralised exchange such as Binance
  2. Transfer the BNB as BSC (BEP-20) format to a wallet of your choosing
  3. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap and select Trade
  4. Enter the contract address of CateFarm, ***
  5. Make sure to set slippage to 14%-15% and select Swap
  6. Add the contract addresses of CateFarm (0x108DE51Ee1D922E12Dec90c2863962B49483FE8A), Catecoin (0xE4FAE3Faa8300810C835970b9187c268f55D998F), and Catpay (0x0611686A2558de495617685b3Da12448657170FE) to your wallet.
  7. Your purchased CateFarm will appear in your wallet and soon thereafter and your rewards will begin to accumulate! 

How are the rewards distributed?

The rewards are distributed every 1 hour through an internal queue and rotating system. Not all holders will receive their rewards at the same time. This is due to network congestions and huge gas fees if it’s transacted at the same time. However please be assured that all CateFarm holders will receive the rewards. A manual claim button will be added to allow you to claim your tokens at the time of your choosing.

What is the minimum number of CateFarm tokens you must own to earn rewards?

50,000 CateFarm tokens. Please note, this number is subject to change.

Why Catecoin and Catpay?

Although Catecoin and Catpay have seen large gains since their inception, both have relatively small market caps compared to Dogecoin and some other dog-themed tokens. The time has come for cats to shine! The CateFarm team wants to simplify accumulating Catecoin and Catpay through high yield rewards mechanisms.

Is the team Doxxed?

The CateFarm team has been KYC’d with Pinksale.

What contract addresses do I need?

Add the contract addresses of CateFarm (0x108DE51Ee1D922E12Dec90c2863962B49483FE8A), Catecoin (0xE4FAE3Faa8300810C835970b9187c268f55D998F), and Catpay (0x0611686A2558de495617685b3Da12448657170FE) to your wallet.

Whitepaper / Audit / KYC

Catecoin finally has its very own dual rewards farming token! Simply hold CateFarm in your wallet and passively accumulate high yield rewards paid in Catecoin and Catpay!

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website does not constitute financial advice, cryptocurrency investments are volatile and high risk in nature. Don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions.